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SAS EG 5.1 - Clarify setting up a password for the Scheduler

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SAS EG 5.1 - Clarify setting up a password for the Scheduler

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I am very new to SAS and I have a question on creating the password to set up the scheduler.  Quite possibly I need a step-by-step like it was being explained to a 3rd grader from beginning to end for this piece and the proc pwencode piece.  I read the note from a google search, and am unclear.  The result of the Google search led me here ...   I have 2 servers that could be used,

so, if I use the the example from the search result as a guide, am I supposed to create 2 different login ids?  And where in the world am I to put this, does it go in a program?


Create the credentials.xml file

Open a Windows Notepad session to create the credentials.xml file. This file stores your server logon credentials that are required for authentication when you run SAS Enterprise Guide in batch mode. The contents of your Notepad file should look similar to the following example.

<xml FileVersion=”4.1”><credentials>< server name=”SASMain” userid=”your-user-id” password=”your-password”/>< server name=”second-server” userid=”second-id” password=”second-password”/>< server name=”third-server” userid=”third-id” password=”third-password”/>< /credentials>< /xml>
Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance!
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Re: SAS EG 5.1 - Clarify setting up a password for the Scheduler

Please note that EG projects can only be scheduled on the computers EG is installed on. These would typically be PCs. If you want to schedule jobs on a SAS server then you need to export your EG projects to SAS programs and then schedule the programs. themselves.


Server-based scheduling is much more reliable and is more easily monitored and can be easily set up via SAS Management Console. There is still a case for PC scheduling if it is mainly for your own work purposes.






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