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SAS EG 4.3 issue : Pop up messages

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SAS EG 4.3 issue : Pop up messages

Some of the users using EG 4.3 is getting this prompt every time they tries to launch it. Please see screenshots for reference. It looks like it is trying to recover the previous state when EG got disconnected but not able to find the recovery file.

Have someone came accross such kind of issue.

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Re: SAS EG 4.3 issue : Pop up messages


I would Check you Windows profile settings. It is this area where te message is pointing to.

It looks to be a user-file (astellas) that got broke in a session.
Some recovery is possible done but a file is missing (user profile).  The following is an other clue:

41940 - The error "System.Xml.XmlException Root element is missing" might occur when you invoke SAS®...

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