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SAS EG 4.3 Local Server for Windows 8

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SAS EG 4.3 Local Server for Windows 8

Hey there, need your inputs regarding SAS Enterprise Guide 4.3 to run local server for Windows 8, is there a compatibility issue with this. Our tech team cannot was not able to resolve this.



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Re: SAS EG 4.3 Local Server for Windows 8

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SAS Enterprise Guide 4.3 is not officially supported on Windows 8.  See the support matrix in this SAS Note:

   34960 - SAS® Enterprise Guide® support matrix

That being said, usually the hiccups occur during the installation process.  You might be able to get it to work by first installing all of the prerequisites: the proper version of Microsoft .NET (3.5sp1), etc.  These are listed in the System Requirements documentation.

Once installed, I wouldn't expect any usage issues.  However, SAS Technical Support can offer official support only for the "advertised" operating systems for the given product release.


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