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SAS Date/time issues!

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SAS Date/time issues!

I am trying to build a simple conversion table so that I can easily convert my data into date, working day, period, month, year, etc...whenever I want.

It is simply the above headings with their associated values, created in Excel. The plan was to turn it into a SAS dataset, however it's not working.

When I open my table in EG 'month&year' (mmmyy) and 'date' (ddmmyy) are being converted into datetimes (I understand why this happens). I have used the DATEPART function to split the numbers but it is not producing the correct results, i.e. 1st Sep 09 is giving me a date from 1949!!!

Any ideas?
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Re: SAS Date/time issues!

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Check your YEARCUTOFF option in SAS. If it is 1900, then change to 2000. If it is 2000, then the problem is in your Excel setup.
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