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SAS Code - Embedded vs. Linked

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SAS Code - Embedded vs. Linked

My team uses Enterprise Guide 4.3 mainly for Base SAS programming.  I am not sure what I installed differently, but my environment is different from a teammate's.  When I create a new "SAS Code" task, it is embedded in my project.  When she creates a new SAS Code task, it is a .sas file that is in the same directory as the project and linked to the project.  What setting or option is controlling this?  She would like to have her code embedded in the project rather than linked.

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Re: SAS Code - Embedded vs. Linked

Perhaps you activated the relative paths property. This is in File > project properties in order to have the same directory for the data, file and so on ... the use must be understand because there are some limitations.

Otherwise, to embed the code in the project : Right click on the code > Properties > General, click on Save as or Embed.

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