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SAS Batch File

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SAS Batch File

, automaI am trying to create SAS batch file and it is something like this I got....

C:\SAS\sas.exe -sysin C:\Batch\

And it didn't work. Anyone please tell me what I am missing here?


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Re: SAS Batch File

Is the actual path to your SAS installation C:\sas? you may need to mention the configuration file location as well.

First step I would get the command to work in a command window. Then move that to a batch file.

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Re: SAS Batch File

Whenever I need to do this, I get the properties of the shortcut that runs SAS. Use that, with your -sysin parm, and you should be fine.


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Re: SAS Batch File

Add LOG to see what exactly happened.

C:\SAS\sas.exe -sysin "C:\Batch\" -log "C:\Batch\Email_Test.log"

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