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SAS Autoexec for each EGuide Session?

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SAS Autoexec for each EGuide Session?

Chris@SAS pointed us to a useful document for running an autoexec for each person using EGuide (though it may be workstation). "For those options that can be set in an autoexec (options you can specify with an OPTIONS statement), you can use this tip: "

What I need is the ability to execute the commands for each EGuide project (.egp file) so that project specific code is relegated to just that project, e.g. the assignment of LIBNAMEs. As a consulting statistician, I might work on 40-50 projects during a year and accumulating all of those LIBNAMEs in one autoexec is unwieldy, at best.

In batch SAS, the SAS system will search for the file in the current working directory, the users home directory, and the SAS invocation directory, which allows a great deal of specificity to the customization. I'm looking for something similar to that.

I haven't found that in EGuide 4.2. Have I missed it? Any ideas for a work-around?

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Re: SAS Autoexec for each EGuide Session?

I experience similar frustrations... I don't believe there's a good way to do this in EG 4.2. I currently put a piece of code at the top of my process flows with libnames etc and rename it to RUN ME FIRST. I still forget to run it on a regular basis though.

The good news is I saw a preview of EG 4.3 this week, and it will support what you're describing. Basically, in EG 4.3 if you name a process flow Autoexec, it will automatically run each time a process flow is opened. Very cool! There's a bunch of other impressive stuff coming with EG 4.3, especially for the SAS coders.
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