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SAS Add-In for MS OFFICE - copy & paste error

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SAS Add-In for MS OFFICE - copy & paste error

Hi Team

We are using SAS EG 7.1 version and had SAS Add-In for microsoft office installed.

I am facing issue while trying to copy & paste an tabular output generated into MS EXCEL . I went through a couple of blogs and have tried using the Result Formats --> HMTL from SAS Report (which is the default).

After changing the report formats to HTML, I am able to get the tabular format of the data, but the data is NOT indented properly into cell. The tabular data is getting copied and the cells gets merged.I am unable to compute the data in excel since the cells have merged.

On SAS EG 4.1, I was able to copy-paste the data as is and the data used to get copied perfectly into each cell properly which helped me in computing the data in excel.

Could you please advice and suggest for a workaround on this.



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Re: SAS Add-In for MS OFFICE - copy & paste error

Totally off topic, but you have SAS and you are computing in Excel?

As for copy/paste, I don't know, but you can always export the data.

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Re: SAS Add-In for MS OFFICE - copy & paste error

With SAS Add-In installed, just create a dataset in SAS and read that via the Add-In into Excel.

If you don't have the Add-In anymore, use tagsets.excelxp to create a .xml readable by Excel.

Or create a .xlsx with libname xlsx (SAS 9.4 from TS2)

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