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SAS AML ETL Datamodel

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SAS AML ETL Datamodel

Hello all,


I am currently trying to understand the SAS AML ETL Data models. Could someone help me with some pointers on where can I find details of the tables that are effected by running ETLs from Staging to Core. 


Ex. If I run Account ETL, I would like to know what all tables in stage, core, details of the intermediate and underlying tables that are impacted by the execution of that ETL.


Your inputs are highly appreciated. Thanks in advance.


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Re: SAS AML ETL Datamodel

Have you looked through the SAS AML documentation? It's my understanding that you need a special login to look at the SAS documentation for this product because of its sensitive nature.


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Re: SAS AML ETL Datamodel

The ETL's from Staging to Core are always site specific. They don't come OOTB and you won't find them in the AML documentation.


You will need to get your hands on the documentation created at your site.


If implemented properly via SAS DIS: There is impact analysis, some reporting and you can also look into the jobs to graphically see which tables get used.


In the AML project I'm currently in Core is implemented in Oracle and gets loaded via a non SAS ETL tool.

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Re: SAS AML ETL Datamodel

It extract data from staging to AMLCORE schema. usually have same table names as in staging schema.

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