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SAS/AF into SAS EG 5.1

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SAS/AF into SAS EG 5.1

I have a SAS/AF code that I need to make it run in SAS EG 5.1. There are buttons I cannot resolve. I googled somewhere and I found out that you can use Microsoft .Net or macros. whats the best way?

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Re: SAS/AF into SAS EG 5.1

EG cannot run SAS/AF code, as AF apps need the DMS.

See if you can recreate the functionality with the stored process facility, turning your AF app into a web app.

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Re: SAS/AF into SAS EG 5.1

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Unless your SAS/AF is SCL code.  Then it will run in EG.  As long as it doesn't need anything in DMS.


See:  SAS/AF: Running SCL Outside the Frame

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Re: SAS/AF into SAS EG 5.1

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You can run non-display SCL programs in EG, but to build/modify an SCL program in the first place you would need a local SAS installation with SAS Display Manager available. 

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Re: SAS/AF into SAS EG 5.1

SAS/AF SCL code without screens will run with Eguide as it does with SAS/intrnet and many more (miner 12.1)

PROC DISPLAY Statement   batch mode.   The screen usage will require a SAS DMS system  (desktop based) as it is with developing. 

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