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SAS/AF app code with SAS/EIS - Repository Manager files

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SAS/AF app code with SAS/EIS - Repository Manager files

I have this project where I need to update old SAS/AF app code with SAS/EIS in it. I want to set up a test environment to change the app while using the ‘live‘ app. My repository is out on a UNIX server and the app code is on a Windows server. I am having problems understanding the Repository Manager files(assocmgr , cntainer , dictctrl , mrrgstry, rposctrl, verbmgr) and how RM should work. According to the documentation I have read there should be one directory with the RM files in it but I have these files all over my app directories on the server, I see them on my local machine also. I understand there can be multiple RMs but how do you keep track of what these files belong to? I believe some of these files to be orphans from years of testing and messing around. Can anyone briefly describe what I do not understand about what I am seeing? Is there a simple solution?
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Re: SAS/AF app code with SAS/EIS - Repository Manager files

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I think your best bet for help is to contact Tech Support. They can get you in touch with an AF and EIS resource who can help you figure out what's safe to delete and clean up.
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