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SAS 9.4 64-Bit Fails to Connect to Oracle

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SAS 9.4 64-Bit Fails to Connect to Oracle

Does the order of installation (SAS and Oracle client) matter?  At my site we have a couple hundred users that just got new 64-bit laptops with SAS 9.4 pre-installed (users got both EG and PC SAS.  Our IT department put the 32-bit Oracle client on all of these which of course does not work (error we are seeing is below.)  IT completed packaging a 64-bit Oracle client and engaged me for UAT.  They pushed it to my machine but I still get the same error.  Suspecting a registry key needs updating due to the order of installation.  Yes?

Note:  SAS/Access Interface for Oracle is licensed and installed (shows up in PROC SETINIT output.)  Thank you !


ERROR: The SAS/ACCESS Interface to ORACLE cannot be loaded. ERROR: Image SASORA found but not
Please make sure Oracle environment is set correctly.
Look in the install/Config doc for additional info for your platform.
Other possible reasons - incomplete Oracle client install, 32/64-bit mismatch between Oracle
client & SAS, incorrect Oracle client version(Oracle client must match the version picked
during post-install process), incompatible sasora for your OS or its attribs don't permit
SAS to load it.
ERROR: Error in the LIBNAME statement.

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Re: SAS 9.4 64-Bit Fails to Connect to Oracle

One thing to check is this:


After the Oracle client/server installation process is complete, verify that the path to the Oracle client libraries is appended to the PATH system variable. The Oracle libraries are typically located in the directory ORACLE_HOME/bin.


It could be that your PATH system variable is still pointing to the 32-bit Oracle.

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