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SAS 7.x autocomplete bug

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SAS 7.x autocomplete bug

To replicate this issue:


1) Open EG 7.x and create a new project and then create a new Program node.

2) Ensure Enable Autocomplete option is checked in the Editor Options menu of Tools > Options > SAS programs dialog.

3) Type


data work.test;
set sashelp.class

After typing exactly the code above, open a parenthesis "(" and type the name of any data statement option you like (WHERE, KEEP, DROP, RENAME etc.). While you are typing, the autocomplete suggestion box should pop up. Ignore it and keep typing until you have it completely typed.


4) After typing it completely, type an equal sign (=). This will type the equal sign in the editor but will ALSO submit the autocomplete option, hence you end up with two equal signs, as shown in the code:


data test;
set sashelp.class (keep =  = 

This issue does NOT happen neither in 5.x nor in 6.x.

This has been tested both on 7.1 ( I don't have the full version number) and in my current version, 7.11 HF2 ( (32-bit).



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Re: SAS 7.x autocomplete bug

Hi jb_biyectivo,

Thanks for all the specific details in your message.  I haven't been able to reproduce the error you're seeing, but I'll make sure the appropriate people in R&D see this so we can investigate it more thoroughly.  We'll post back here with whatever we find out.




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Re: SAS 7.x autocomplete bug

[ Edited ]

Thanks for reporting this issue. I can reproduce it when I check the Autocomplete option "Add spaces when committing value-type options (i.e. options ending with "=")".


This appears to be a regression starting in EG 7.x. We will address it in the next EG 7.x hot fix and future release.


In the mean time, the workaround is to commit using either the "SPACE" key or the  "ENTER" key.


Regards, Audi

Software Developer

SAS Enterprise Guide Team



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Re: SAS 7.x autocomplete bug

Thank you for your replies and for considering the bug fix request. Regards,

José Alberto

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Re: SAS 7.x autocomplete bug


Just checking on the issue - do you have any estimated date of when will a future release of EG fix this?

Thank you.

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Re: SAS 7.x autocomplete bug

It has been fixed in our next release, which we expect to be available in the first quarter of 2016.

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Re: SAS 7.x autocomplete bug

Thanks Smiley Happy
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