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Running EG Process flows in specified order

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Running EG Process flows in specified order

Hello everyone,


I am revisiting and old question that was posted a few years ago here:


I really need a way to run process flows in my project in a certain order.  Creating an ordered list will not work because I have too many tasks in each flow to schedule.  I simply want to be able to run flow 1, then flow 2, then flow 3.  I also have a couple of other process flows built to use as a "sandbox" for testing or a grave yard for old tasks that I don't necessarly want to delete yet.  Those process flows dont need to be run at all.


I am using EG 6.1 and can't seem to find a way that is built in.  I am hoping there is something new that has come along in the last 4 years to make this easier.  I don't quite get the use of scripting in the prior post I linked either.  Maybe someone has something that can make it quicker/easier for me and dumb it down.


Any help would be much appreciated.



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Re: Running EG Process flows in specified order

I have been searching for a way to handle this exact issue for over a year now. Hoping to hear of something soon!
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