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Results page language

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Results page language


I'm new to SAS (completely) and have to run some output today.
Enterprise Guide was installed remotely yesterday, at the office.
Today I work from home. So far situation.

When I click 'run' on a procedure, I get an output result.
So far so good. But the result is in French, while the program is English!
Under 'options' there is a choice for language, and that is set as English (has not been changed either). So how come that my resultpage is French?

Procédure LOGISTIC, in stead of LOGISTIC Procedure
This becomes harder when full sentences appear...

So, I have a kind of "mixed result page", using French & English 'durch einander'...
And yes, I live in Belgium. :-)
Can anyone help me how tochange it to English altogether?
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