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Resetting Options in EG Summary Statistics Task

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Resetting Options in EG Summary Statistics Task

I've recently started supporting a group of users who are new to SAS and use Enterprise Guide v4.3 to generate basic reports. As they are unfamiliar with base SAS code, they use the standard EG tasks to produce the required output.  They have reported a number of instances of where the report output from the Summary Statistics task does not match the SAS dataset output.

This is due to the Summary Statistics task setting the FW option to 12 by default in the underlying code, i.e. 

proc means data=work.tmpout









This value isn't large enough to handle some of the summary values in the report output so truncation and rounding occurs which generates some unexpected results.  If I modify the code through the "Preview Code" window then I can set this to a larger value which fixes the problem but I suspect that this is something that our users are not going to be comfortable with and will forget to do. It's not obvious to me where this value is being set from the options in the Summary Statistic task (or the Summary Statistics wizard).  I've probably missed something obvious but is anyone aware of an alternative means of resetting this value (either at task level or as a global option) without having to edit code?

Thanks for your help in advance.

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