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Required SAS EG.

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Required SAS EG.

Hi All..

Can SAS provides Free SAS EG software for learners??

If Yes Could you please advise me how to get SAS EG software with Free of cost and what are the system requirements for SAS EG.(I am Using windows7)..

Thanks in advance..



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Re: Required SAS EG.

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If you are somehow affiliated to a University then this could be an option 

You will need to check what's available in your University and for your country.

If you don't fit into this category then I believe it's going to be difficult to find a low-cost learning solution without working for a company which has SAS licensed.

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Re: Required SAS EG.


  In addition to Patrick's suggestion about the SAS On-Demand for Academics (SODA) product, there is another possibility. For folks in the US and Canada who are not affiliated with a University, we also offer the SAS On-Demand for Professionals (SODP) product license. The web site about the SODP is here:

  This is intended to be used by people who want to learn SAS and do not otherwise have the opportunity through work or school to use SAS. The SODP license provides you an individual (local) copy of SAS Enterprise Guide that has been specifically configured to communicate with SAS on the servers in NC. The server(s) has been pre-loaded with data for the courses and books that you will see on the "Learning Options" tab at the above web site.

  Although the license is not free, it is reasonably priced and if you use one of the discount packages toward the purchase (such as the certification bundle package), you can receive as much as 50% off the price of the license (

  It's worth checking out for folks who are not affiliated with a University.


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