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Reporting: Creating customized Pie using Wizard in EG 4.1

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Reporting: Creating customized Pie using Wizard in EG 4.1

I have a dataset which has a time-series ( a day broken at 15 minute interval=96 slots) and a corresponding variable having values per 15 mins.

I have to show a single SLICE for each 3 hour interval of a day say value of variable at 3:00 forming one slice then 6:00 forming the second and so on....

Also the Legend should have colour-coding for values in these 8 different slices(24 hrs divided in eight 3 hour slots)

How do i do it in EG 4.1 using the wizard or can u provide me wid an alternative??

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Re: Reporting: Creating customized Pie using Wizard in EG 4.1

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I'm not sure what you are trying to do, so I suspect E.G. will have as much trouble. You have data which is granular at a given level, but you want to display it at a less granular level. So it seems the first thing you need to do is tell SAS how it is to assess the source data you have. Use a Data Summary task to create a new table with three hour granularity and populate it with your 15 minute data. To do that you'll need to decide whether your 3 hour slots will show SUM, MEAN, MAX, MEDIAN or some other value, and you will then have a table you can graph.

Use the Pie Chart task to take your data and plot it. I'm not clear on why you'd use a pie chart for this purpose, it seems to me that it will be difficult to read and interpret. A pie chart with slices sounds to me like a display of a clock face, but when the slice size will change with the data value it will be a very strange sort of clock. In your situation, I would use a bar chart which would be easily interpreted by any reader to distinguish differences between each 3 hour slot.

Kind regards

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