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Replacing a table within an EG Project

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Replacing a table within an EG Project

Hi there, I'm looking for some advice with an EG4 project that I've created.

In my project the main input is a generic version of a particular data table. I have several versions of this table, identically structured but with slightly different names and containing different data.

I now need to apply all the same EG processes to my various "clones" of the original table, but don't want to go to the trouble of re-creating the project several times over!

Is there is simple way of substituting "Table X" with "Table Y" when X is deeply embedded in an EG4 project?

I don't mind having multiple versions of the EG project, if that's necessary.

But for various reasons, I'm not in a position to revert to SAS code at this stage.
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Re: Replacing a table within an EG Project

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Right-click on table X. select properties. Change the name to table y. OK out.
Right click on table y. Select run branch from here. It will re-run everything from table y onward.

I often end the procedures with an email node. It wraps up all the output I select (I use RTF) in a .zip file and sends it to me. Then I can go back and change table y to table z, etc.

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