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Replacing a dataset in an existing project

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Replacing a dataset in an existing project

(apologies if this has already been answered, I'm new to the community and searching variations on 'replace dataset' didn't turn anything up)

I have a project in EG 5.1 that I've been using for a while that has recently become non-functional.  Basically, the program starts with three standard datasets, A, B, and C.  Recently, datasets B and C have become unusable due to something changing with the server (every time I try to access B or C, enterprise guide tells me "The server Local is not defined in the current repository").  I have more recent versions of these datasets saved to my personal desktop, and would like to use those instead of the versions saved on the server anyway.

Is there any way to replace an initial dataset in an existing project?  The project is fairly extensive and I'd really not rather rewrite the whole thing if there's any way I could just plop a working dataset in place of the nonworking one instead.  Thanks!

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Re: Replacing a dataset in an existing project

You can right click and edit a task and point it to a new input dataset.

The caveat is that SAS EG appears to work only on desktop or server, so all your datasets will need to be in one location, or you'll need to account for that somehow via upload/download steps.

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Re: Replacing a dataset in an existing project

...Or you can right-click on the table and choose Properties.  Click the Change button and choose the new data set that you want to use for the project and click OK.  This will work assuming your data set and variables are structured the same way as the original data set.

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Re: Replacing a dataset in an existing project

References to dataset in EGP are containing the logical server name and the full-path on the server.

It can run SAS-processes on a local server and do multi-threading processes on servers.

You did not have described the local/server side location of the datasets

You did not have describe the way the libname definitions have become active.

Normally the updates of a location can be done as Reeza described. There are some exceptions even possible is there are failures but they are rare situations.    

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