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Registering sas program in EG without server??

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Registering sas program in EG without server??

Hello everyone,

I am new to SAS EG. I have a written a SAS macro which I want to register to local server since I dont have any other server to connect. I just want to learn how stored processes work and how to use them ? However, whenever i put my macro in the process flow diagram and right click, the option for create stored process does not highlight. SO I cannot go forward from here. Hence, my question is it possible to register the code on local server and run on EG or not possible? and if possible how to do that?



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Re: Registering sas program in EG without server??

The local server is your SAS pc desktop as server/service. 

There is no metadata you cannot register any sas-code there. A stored process is a call to sas-code .... Please do not call that a macro as the word macro is in SAS having a dedicated meaning

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