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Register a view to show in EG

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Register a view to show in EG



I am trying to register a view in EG. The view is created by an admin with AUTH level 7, and the one trying to be able to see the view in EG is auth level 2, in the same admin group.


I have gone ahead and ran the following which seems to work:

PROC SPDO library=dimens ;


/* assign who owns the ACLs */


  set acluser;


/* Give spedific users access to */

/* the domain */


  set acltype view;

  add acl gartview;

  modify ACL gartview / powerusr=(y,n,n,n) ;

  list ACL _ALL_;



But the view still isn't registered, does anyone have any idea on how to fix this or the issue? I was thinking maybe group permissions.

BTW I can see the view registered under a library with Default login with admin that has permission 7



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Re: Register a view to show in EG

When I see "registered" I'm thinking metadata. Or do you mean to able to see the view after issuing a libname statement? Is the view available for the admin but not for the power users?
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