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Reference unsaved code in process flow with %include

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Reference unsaved code in process flow with %include

There's plenty of simple solutions to accomplish my task that I know of, so this is more of a theoretical question:

- In my E/G projects, I typically only save the .egp, not the embedded .sas code
- Ex: My New.egp project has 3 code nodes:
- "", "", ""
- Basically, I want to run just, but have a %include("") within it. Is this possible without being saved outside of the project?
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Re: Reference unsaved code in process flow with %include

In a Display Manager interactive session (also known as the SAS Windowing Environment), it is possible to "recall" and %INCLUDE previously submitted lines of code, as described in the documentation:

However, since all EG code is submitted via "batch" or non-interactive mode on a server, I'm not sure whether this feature of %INCLUDE will work for you.

I do not believe you can %INCLUDE code that might be in the .EGP file. But the EG experts will have to chime in on this front.

I do know that I have successfully used %INCLUDE in an EG code node by referencing previously saved code (a previously saved .SAS file).

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