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Recoding a Column

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Recoding a Column

I'm trying to recode a column to show that in column A a  1 (Numeric) = Private Passenger (Char)

I'm getting syntax errors e. g.


ERROR: The following columns were not found in the contributing tables: Private_Passenger.

Not sure what I'm doing wrong.

Any help is appreciated.

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Re: Recoding a Column

The best long term approach for this is to create a SAS format. 

In EG there are two ways to create formats (actually, three ways if you don't mind writing code).

The two tasks are:

- Tasks->Data->Create Format

- Tasks->Data->Create Format from Data Set

They are both straightforward to use, but I like the second one if you have lots of values to map.  It might be easier to enter the values in a data set or read them in from an Excel spreadsheet (perhaps you already have them in that form).

Once you have a SAS format, you can apply it within any task using this approach:

Just-in-time data prep in SAS Enterprise Guide - The SAS Dummy

In the Query Builder, you can also change the properties of any output column to include a custom format that you have defined.


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