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Reading updated contents of a Excel file

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Reading updated contents of a Excel file

I have an anoying problem with my source files (that are .xls, .csv and others) and my EG project. I update these source files quite often and I would like EG to import the new updated contents of these files. I haven't been able to do this without closing Enterprise Guide and then re-opening it, if the file has been updated after the first time I read it in my project on the current session.

The files are on SAS server (EG is only client and I do not have local SAS on my workstation) and I access them in EG via SAS Servers icon, under which I find the folder that I have configured. The files are then read in locally on the SAS server.

Could someone help me with this topic?
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Re: Reading updated contents of a Excel file

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I'm afraid you've hit a limitation of EG. When EG accesses your remote Excel file, it actually downloads a version of it locally and caches it. It must do this so that EG can read the contents of the file.

EG currently performs this download only once during the session -- that is, it does not refresh the local copy even if the remote file is updated.

I believe that when you are using a local Excel file to begin with, EG will get the refreshed content when you update the file.

As a workaround to your issue, you could use PROC IMPORT instead of the Import Data task. This would require:
- your remote SAS session to be on Windows
- licensed and installed SAS/ACCESS to PC File Formats
- and of course, you would have to craft a SAS program to run PROC IMPORT.

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Re: Reading updated contents of a Excel file

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Hello Chris,
thanks for your reply. Now I see the big picture more clearly. I tested it with a local file and it worked as you suggested. I was a bit confused about what should be local (for server) and what should be local (for client = EG).

Clearly making my files local for the server is useless, if I cannot import them with proc import or data step. I saw that EG refreshed the contents of my remote files if add them to my project via "My Computer" and my mapped network drives...

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