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Reading excel files using Code and without SAS/Access

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Reading excel files using Code and without SAS/Access


Presently we are using EG 4.1 and I see I that even though we dont have SAS/Access we can read excel files using menu options. The resulting code it generates is a datastep code which probably references to a temporary text file. 2 points:-

a) Im not sure of the usability of this code for future data reads as the infile reference it creates would not be useful even if am reading the same excel file again through code.

b) I see that writing my own Proc Import code doesnt work as we dont have SAS/Access. Why is SAS allowing reading of excel files through menu options and not through code when we dont have SAS/Access. Shouldnt it allow Proc import without SAS/Access?

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Re: Reading excel files using Code and without SAS/Access


In this case, EG reads the Excel file for you and creates temporary text file that can be read via DATA step and INFILE. PROC IMPORT, when reading text files, does much the same thing.

This way you can use your Excel files via EG without needing SAS/ACCESS to PC File Formats. PROC IMPORT, when reading Excel files directly, requires that product.

Does that answer the question?

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