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Re-ordering of already queued tasks

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Re-ordering of already queued tasks

I'm using EG 4.1 and have a query regarding the re-ordering of queueud tasks by EG.

I have an initialisation process flow which sets up libraries and some macro definitions. I run this first thing when i open up my project.

I have a second process flow with some analysis nodes in and, whilst the initialisation is running, i will choose an arbitrary node from this flow and run it (not the rest of the process flow, simply a single node - if this is significant).

Although i have a number of tasks queued up already EG jumps this new task to the front of the queue and starts it running straight away. This is annoying and unhelpful as the initialisation hasn't finished and the code fails.

Note that these are all running on the same server.

Also note that, whilst i am aware of the ability to create an ordered list, this is simply ad-hoc work and i don't want to have to manually add all the individual nodes into a list for something i may only run once.

What i really want to know is that, in this situation, why does EG feel the need to rearrange the already queued tasks and not simply add this new task to the bottom as i intuitively expected it to, and is there any way around it?


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