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Random Sample with EG

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Random Sample with EG

I've got users who have data in Excel spreadsheets and I'm looking for ways to help them get a random sample of these data. I know that it can be done in Excel, but I thought using SAS EG might offer an easier-to-use solution.

However I can't figure out how to do it. The documentation isn't real helpful. It looks like there's an add-in for creating random samples, and I've used Add-In Manager to locate the DLL file and it now shows up on the list of Add-Ins, but I can't figure out where to go from there. There was also written somewhere about a EG Task and I've looked at the task list but only have "Append Table" listed. Makes me think I didn't install everything I should have. But I'm not sure where to go from here.

I'm also not clear what's the difference between an add-in and a task is.
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Re: Random Sample with EG

It sounds like something is incomplete with your configuration. You should have nearly 80 tasks available -- not just Append Table.

You might check this SAS Note to see if you have this issue:

Once resolved, you'll see that you have a Random Sample task in the list.

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