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Questions about model scoring task (data mining)

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Questions about model scoring task (data mining)



I have a question about "model scoring" task. I have created and registered a model in Enterprise Miner, now I am scoring

this model from Enterprise Guide using "model scoring" task. 

In the output variables of the model I have three types of var:

P_targetvar Q_targetvar U_targetvar V_targetvar


I think that P_targetvar is the predicted value for target variable of the model, but I would like to know the 

meaning of Q_, U_ and V_    vars.


Another question I would like to know if I can definde and use a Enterprise Miner model with parameters. I mean not only

the vars of the dataset, this parameters would be about the type of model (selection criteria, type of decision tree...)


Can anybody help me?


Thanks in advance

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