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Question on prompts in SAS EG 4.3 when grid enabled

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Question on prompts in SAS EG 4.3 when grid enabled


I was trying to use the prompts while running a code which was "grid enabled".

When I say Grid enabled, that means that I have enabled "Insert Custom SAS code before submitted Code" and added the below code.

options metaserver='metadata-server-address';
options metaport=metadata-server-port;;
%let rc=%sysfunc(grdsvc_enable(_all_,resource=SASApp));
signon task1;

And also added a custom code to be run after the sumbitted the code as given below:


The problem that i'm encounteriing while running the codes with prompts, is that the macro variable that gets assigned in the beginning of the code (eg: %LET name = MarySmiley Wink at the EG end, would not get carried to the server where the actual code gets run in the grid enviroinment.

So my code doesn't have a value for the macro variable name and throws up the error saying:
WARNING: Apparent symbolic reference NAME not resolved.

This however runs fine when I'm running the code without the grid enablement.

Hope my question is clear.

Thanks in Advance
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Re: Question on prompts in SAS EG 4.3 when grid enabled

Hi Pramod,

You need to send the macros to your Grid session using a %syslput of the macro var after your signon....

If this is from EG, the pre/post code should have statements to send all your macro vars to the Grid session.

Cheers. Message was edited by: mgst170
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