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Question for Chris H

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Question for Chris H

Chris, it was good to see you down in NZ again.

You presentation prompted a couple of questions that I though you could answer.

1.  Is it possible to display what profile you are connected to in EG (without going to the connections window), the other SAS clients have the profile in the Windows Title bar, and the bottom right hand corner of the screen (where the connection information is at the moment).  EG only shows the Metadata Server's Name, which for some users is meaningless esp if dev/uat/prod are on the same machine.  Is there any plans for this?

2. Code completion, are the developers looking at getting this to only show the procs/functions etc that are avaliable to the connected server (ie based on licenced products), and to only generate code if a product is licenced (ie Graph options).



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Question for Chris H

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Hello Barry,

1. Metadata profile: no, it's not possible right now...but yes, it is planned.  This will be addressed in the next release of SAS Enterprise Guide (5.1, schedule for late this year).

2. Limiting the syntax per the licensed products is an idea that has come up before.  I think that if customers find that the list of suggested syntax too overwhelming, then the product team could consider allowing an option to tailor what you see.  However, in practice I'm not sure it's a big issue.  Most programmers know at least what PROC they are going for, even if they don't recall all of the syntax details...

Thanks for the feedback and for attending the event in Wellington!  Today: Auckland!


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