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Query with pure EG 4.3 Query Builder

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Query with pure EG 4.3 Query Builder

I am using the EG 4.3 query builder to select and filter data from dataset for generating report with parameter prompt.

The parameter required will be ad-hoc SQL command e.g. year = 2009 and month = 1

i able to perform such ad-hoc SQL when the parameter is entered, but get error when the parameter is left empty. I know there is an option for "Required non-blank variable" in the parameter prompt, by checking this the parameter cannot be left blank before submitting. But if i want to allow it to be blank, is there any workaround or trick for doing such magical query?

I now assigned a "cond" variable for the ad-hoc condition and setting the filter = &cond for performing such ad-hoc query. i have tried using case when &cond ='' then 1=1 else &cond end but fail with error.

Any one has idea to this problem? Thanks in advance!
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Re: Query with pure EG 4.3 Query Builder

Maybe your case construct will work with a small adaptation. Use quotes like:

case when "&cond" ='' then 1=1 else &cond

Good luck.
- Jan.
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