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Query Help!

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Query Help!

Hi Guys,

I am new to SAS Enterpise Guide 4.2 and would need your help in running a query.

Below is the table format:

BankID MemberNo AprilBills MayBills JuneBills
1111 1234 4 0 5
1111 6789 5 5 0
1111 5432 3 0 4
1111 7777 12 78 65

I am trying to create a report of "What was the count of members by BankID that paid 1 or more bills in April,May and June"

so the end result should be

BankID April May June
1111 4 2 3

PLease let me know how can i use the tool and do less coding in the above report.
Thank again for your help!
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Re: Query Help!

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I's attack this as part query (to create the indicator variables of a bill being paid) and a procedure to summarize. You may be able to combine in TABULATE or REPORT.

First the Query. Recode each of the bill variables to be 0, 1 (>0) , or NULL.
Then you can use MEANS or SUMMARY with the SUM output (Descriptive Statistics task) or FREQ (tables task) to get the counts. If you are looking for summary data to use downstream, MEANS would be cleanest in EGuide.
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Re: Query Help!

Thanks Duke!
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