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Query Builder code as Read/Write?

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Query Builder code as Read/Write?


I've started a Recoded Column in SAS EG 7.1 & I'm naming a new Column 'SalesRanges' to use to create ranges of $ of sales.

Sales could be anything from $0 - $2000, So I ;'ve created $0-$10 , $11-$20, $21-$30 etc to organise the sales.

As there are many ranges to add in, I've tried to go to the Querys 'Submitted Code' but I can't add to it because it is 'Read Only'.

SAS EG offers to create a new Program but it not suitable as it doesn't connect like a normal Query Builder.

Is there a way to add to an existing queries code to save time manually creating these ranges?


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Re: Query Builder code as Read/Write?

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If you open the preview window while specifying your query, you can see exactly the code that will run. You can even watch how the code changes while you are working on the query.

Ctrl-A, Ctrl-C and paste the whole thing into a new program window. Works like a charm.

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Re: Query Builder code as Read/Write?

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You are asking for the ability to change the Query Builder generated code manually but still somehow be automatically generated / updated when you change the Query Builder definition.

If you could manually change the code then it would no longer agree with your Query Builder definition and trying to maintain automatically generated code with manual overrides would be problematic, hence SAS does not allow it.

If you want to change it then copy it outside and modify it there. You can get SAS programs to "connect" just like the Query Builder.

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