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Publishing a SAS Report from EG 4.2 to wrs 4.2

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Publishing a SAS Report from EG 4.2 to wrs 4.2

I published a SAS Report from SAS Enterprise Guide to SAS Web Report Studio.

My Problem is when i open the portal/wrs, the sas style is diffrent from the style in the EG.
I want to see get the AMODefault style.

If I'm using the url portlret instead of the publish option it works fine

any suggestions ?

Example of my report:

ods html
STYLE=AMODefault STYLESHEET=(URL="file:///C:\inetpub\wwwroot\BIClientStyles\AMODefault.css");
proc report data = m_m_2 ;
title1 'דוח התחשבנות חוזי ברמת חברה';
column Hevra Premiums Commissions 'Paid Claims'n 'Premium Reserve Retained'n 'Premium Reserve Released'n 'Interest On Deposit'n 'Tax On Interest'n Balance Outstanding;
define Hevra/format=$n_hevra. group;
define Premiums / sum format=comma10.;
define Commissions / sum format=comma10.;
define 'Paid Claims'n / sum format=comma10. 'Paid Claims';
define 'Premium Reserve Retained'n / sum format=comma10. 'Premium Reserve Retained';
define 'Premium Reserve Released'n / sum format=comma10. 'Premium Reserve Released';
define 'Interest On Deposit'n / sum format=comma10. 'Interest On Deposit';
define 'Tax On Interest'n / sum format=comma10. 'Tax On Interest';
define Balance / sum format=comma10.;
define Outstanding / sum format=comma10.;
title2 "&title";
compute before _page_;
text1="&date_report Mid Quarter $1=NIS &Mid_Quarter ";
line text1 $;
text2=" ";
line text2 $;


ods html close;
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Re: Publishing a SAS Report from EG 4.2 to wrs 4.2

In your ODS statements, the stylesheet reference is a location on your "local" machine:


And there is no "AMDDefault" ODS style built into SAS, so unless the report viewer can find the CSS file, your style won't be the version you want.

If you use SAS Report format (not HTML) and publish the report to the Report Repository (using EG), EG should fix up that style reference for you.

Otherwise, you might consider placing a copy of the style that you want on a web server, and then changing the stylesheet reference accordingly. Example:

ods html

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