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Prompts and Stored Procedures

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Prompts and Stored Procedures

Hi All!

I'm quite new to EG and running into some issues while using prompts.

I have two simple text prompts (so far) and both exhibit the same problem. Despite being able to supply multiple options at the prompt it only ever returns the first choice.

So for example at the prompt screen I chose ESP and DEU but it only returns ESP. If I switch the order it only returns DEU. If I add ten options it still only returns the first one.

I've tried a lot of different operators in the Query Builder filter section : equal to, in list, between, in range etc. As you can see, some of these are wildly inappropriate, but this kind of thrashing around is symptomatic of my desperation; I may very well soon begin to cry.

At the moment I'm using "equal to" because this seems the most reasonable choice.

Any ideas?
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Re: Prompts and Stored Procedures

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There is a good article call :Interactive and Efficient Macro Programming with Prompts in SAS® Enterprise Guide® 4.2.
In the article, search for MULTIPLE VALUE PROMPTS, you will find exactly what you need.
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Re: Prompts and Stored Procedures

Thanks for that! I'm having a read of that right now:-)
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