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Prompt Manager question with SAS EG

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Prompt Manager question with SAS EG



I am just now playing with the prompt manager feature in SAS EG.  I am using a proc sql script in a program task and I want the prompt to populate the where clause of the script.  If I only have one variable (field 1 = 'x') it works just fine.  However, I want to write it so I can enter multiple values with the prompt.  (field 1 in ('x','y')).  I get a syntax error when I do this.  I have tried putting the quotes in a single text prompt, multiple text promp, etc. but I can't seem to get it to work correctly.  Can you guys tell me what I am missing?

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Re: Prompt Manager question with SAS EG

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If I get you right Smiley Happy


You can use the EG-macro:


proc sql;

select *

from sashelp.class

where %_eg_WhereParam( sex, kalle, IN, TYPE=S, IS_EXPLICIT=0 )




Kalle is the name of my prompt, sex is the variable in sashelp.class.


You can also resolve the macrovariables your self, but then you need some macro coding.

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Re: Prompt Manager question with SAS EG

@FredrikE, thank you for your answer.  The EG macro worked for what I needed so I appreciate that.  I tried to google more information about the syntax of the eg macro but didn't find anything clear.  I am curious to know what TYPE and IS_EXPLICIT it is doing.  Is there more information on this macro anywhere?


I looked at the coding for resolving myself.  Looks like some code I will be interested in diving into.

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