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Profile name

In future releases of EG, will the profile that you are connected with be displayed in the title or in the border somewhere? For instance in SMC you can name a profile such as PRODAdmin or DEVAdmin and it will show in the border of the window.
I am seeing more customers that have DEV and TEST and PROD instances on the same server so having the server name at the bottom doesn't help in knowing which Connection profile is being utilized unless you actually go and see what you have set as "Active"
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Re: Profile name

I requested this to SAS Tech Support early last year, and was hoping that would come through in 4.3 but with no success...

Suggest if you want this feature is to send a request to Tech support and hopefully they may see some demand for this.

Would have thought something so simple would be easy to implement, again this is where EG developer and other SAS developers don't seem to be talking about consistent GUI's etc as all the other SAS Clients have this.

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