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Product End Time

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Product End Time

Dear All,

Currently I am using SAS Enterprise Guide 4.2 with SAS 9.2. So I want to know that is there any  product End time by the SAS. As microsft product ended after some time.As for example Window XP.

Please advice.

Thanks and Regards.

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Re: Product End Time

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Re: Product End Time

Also see

33359 - SAS® Enterprise Guide® Expiration Dates

concerning Enterprise Guide.

Your version 4.2 will stop working on December 1st, this year, unless you install the related hotfix.

I would recommend to upgrade to at least 4.3, though.

6.1 will work with SAS 9.2 (hotfix for SAS 9.2 required to accept blanks in client name), verified here.

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Re: Product End Time

For some perspective on the timelines of SAS and SAS Enterprise Guide releases, see this "Through the Years" blog post.

Here's an updated version of the timeline chart that includes SAS Enterprise Guide 7.1:



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