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Process flow on a static list

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Process flow on a static list

Is there a way to work with a process flow on a prompt, which gets the values from a static list?


Prompt gets Name, Age and Brand from a static list, that i created within the prompt.



Age     <- if age gets selected i want to make a case - older than 20 - yes/no- continue....



I would like to select all 3(there are more) values, so Name, Age and Brand, but proceed in the next step just with Age and do some Yes/No questions.

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Re: Process flow on a static list

It looks like you're trying to set up a surveymonkey type of dialogue. In my opinion, the SAS tools aren't ideal for this kind of requirement. I suggest you use something else to do your data acquisition, and then use SAS to analyse the data.


If I'm mistaken, and your requirement relates to data processing, please expand on what you're trying to do, with an example.



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