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Process damaged

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Process damaged

Hi all.

I have the following problem. I have one process in EG where at the beginning some files are loaded which  are thenused in some queries.

These files are actually in the DB2 format but from SAS EG I see them as normal SAS files (so there is apparently some conversion in the background, sorry, I am not an expert in SAS PC Files).

In any case the process ran quite good for a couple of weeks but yesterday I found it broken, namely, the files at the beginning were marked with the red cross and in all queries the links to the files were broken (one could still see the names of files but no variables any more and all joins were vanished). But the files are still there, where they were before! (They are in the permanent Meta-Libraries on the server.) So SAS EG forgot somehow, where the files came from. :smileyshocked: I couldn't find other way to repair the process as to load the files and to join them in queries again (and this costs a lot of time).

So my questions: 1) could the repair be made more quickly? 2) what could be a reason for this problem? (for example, could it be so that if DB2 files were updated, the "links" to SAS were somehow damaged?)

Can somebody help me please?

Thanks in advance,


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Re: Process damaged

Hi, Denis

A few options:

1. Permissions. If your DB2 password changed, or your workstation password got out of sync with metadata server (which shouldn't happen, but can);

2. If the DB2 tables were updated, that shouldn't cause any problems, but if the Metadata about the tables (table names, column names, column characteristics), that could do it as well.

Difficult to troubleshoot at a distance, but I suggest you contact whoever manages your metadata server, they should be the first source of assistance.


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