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Proc glm - Coefficients

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Proc glm - Coefficients

Hello, I am very new to SAS and am currently trying to translate some Stata code, including a regression. I am able to successfully get the same coefficients in the output but I haven't been able to save them. This is the code I am using:

proc glm;

absorb ID;

model kw = i txi / solution noint;



I haven't been able to use the OUTPUT command (it says this can not be used with absorb) and OUTSTAT doesn't contain the coefficients. OUTEST doesn't seem to work with Proc glm either. I just need to save the coefficients since I'll be running this multiple times on large datasets.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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Re: Proc glm - Coefficients

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You can output the coefficients using the ODS capabilities.  See the ODS Output section of the SAS documentation for your version of PROC GLM.  In 12.1, the table is named ParameterEstimates.

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Re: Proc glm - Coefficients

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ods trace on;
proc glm data=sashelp.class;
class sex;
 model weight=sex height;
ods output FitStatistics=want1 OverallANOVA=want2;
ods trace off;


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