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Proc Plan uses in EG version 4.0

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Proc Plan uses in EG version 4.0

Hi all,

While using Proc Plan in the EG Version 4.0 I get the erroe as Proc Plan not found . Can any one tell me whether we can use proc plan with the EG version 4.0
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Re: Proc Plan uses in EG version 4.0

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PROC PLAN should be available as long as you have SAS/STAT licensed and installed on your SAS server.

If you are using EG via the SAS Learning Edition, it is possible that PROC PLAN is not included in that bundle.

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Re: Proc Plan uses in EG version 4.0

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hi chris
i understood i have also the learning edition and in this its not working but in this enterprize guide i have used procedures of the sas stat product . so my qyery is that if it is working then why not proc plan.
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Re: Proc Plan uses in EG version 4.0

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This web site,
lists the procedures that are available with the SAS Learning Edition 4.1 (LE) via the point and click interface.

It is not clear to me what your question is. SAS Enterprise Guide only can use those pieces of SAS that are licensed on the server copy of SAS -- if used in a client/server environment (with SAS on a server machine). In this installation scenario, SAS Enterprise Guide (EG) is acting as your front-end interface to SAS on the server. If PROC PLAN is NOT available in a client-server installation scenario, then it is probably because SAS/STAT (PROC PLAN) is not licensed on that server copy of SAS. If you can use other SAS/STAT procedures in a client-server installation, but not PROC PLAN -- then this is a question for your install folks and/or SAS Tech Support

SAS Learning Edition 4.1, which includes EG, has slightly different capabilities, and, you can only process 1,500 observations as you use the LE. In this installation scenario, SAS Enterprise Guide is communicating with the pieces of SAS that are included -inside- the Learning Edition bundle.

Just because something works in the Learning Edition doesn't mean that it should or will work in a client-server install of EG (and vice versa).

As you can see from the list in the above URL, there is no SAS Learning Edition task for PROC PLAN. You might try submitting PROC PLAN code from a code node to see whether that works in the Learning Edition. Sometimes procedures that do not have tasks in the LE are still available via code (this is true with PROC REPORT, for example). If however, you try this, and PROC PLAN is not available in the Learning Edition, then this may be by SAS LE design. For a definitive answer (about a Learning Edition install only), you can call or send email to:
SAS Learning Edition

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