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Proc Neural Multi-threading in EG or Enterprise Miner

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Proc Neural Multi-threading in EG or Enterprise Miner

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I'm unable to get PROC NEURAL to run multithreaded with I submit the code via Enterprise Guide or Enterprise Miner. 


In my code for PROC NEURAL I use the following perform options:

performance compile details cpucount=4 threads=yes


I've tried editing my EG profile to use threads and 4 cores and then specificy the profile at invokation of EG and it had no affect.  I'm using EG 7.1, SAS 9.4 on a 4 cores server, and EM 14.1. 


Any help would be greatly apprecated!

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Re: Proc Neural Multi-threading in EG versus Enterprise Miner



Let me try to help you but I'm no expert on that field.

The below is based on the documentation and my testing.


From the SAS® 9.4 System Options: Reference, Fifth Edition documentation, we have a list of SAS products and solutions which use threaded technology.

As you can see, it includes SAS Enterprise Miner, not SAS Enterprise Guide.

But the Workspace Server can use the THREADS option, which is great news if this is the architecture used on your side.


So next step consists in checking if the NEURAL procedure is listed from the page Scalable SAS Procedures.

Unfortunately, it's not the case.

It might explain why you see such behaviour.



On a side note, you may want to check if the option THREADS is enabled and used in your environment, when you use SAS Enterprise Guide.

You can simply run the below program:


proc options option=cpucount; run;
proc options option=threads; run;

option MSGLEVEL=I;

PROC SORT DATA=sashelp.class out=class THREADS;
 BY name;

The log will return those details.

  - The 2 proc options will give you the number of CPU and the value of the THREADS option (threads/nothreads)

  - Thanks to the MSGLEVEL option, we'll have this message in the log "NOTE: SAS threaded sort was used." (if tHREADS is enabled)


Hope that helps you.




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