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Proc Import Access Table stored on PC (C:\ drive)

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Proc Import Access Table stored on PC (C:\ drive)

Is it possible to use the Proc Import statement in SAS EG Guide 4 when the database I am trying to import is stored locally on my PC? It is on my "C:" drive. When I use SAS 9.1 (PC Sas) I am import my database with a Proc Import but i keep getting an error message when using EG Guide 4. Is it possible to import from your local PC while running EG Guide on the Unix Server?

Any help would be greatly appreciated, I am fairly new to SAS.
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Re: Proc Import Access Table stored on PC (C:\ drive)

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It should be possible, it certainly is a choice on the Import menus. Without knowing the message it's hard for us on the forum to help. Your best bets on resolving an error message are

1) go to and put a "significant" part of the message into the search field (put quotes around it so it searches for the phrase). I usually get a useful answer on the first page that way.
2) call technical support.

On the Unix server, EGuide runs on the Windows XP as a client (only), and you can have SAS 9.1.3 running on Unix as a server. You may need to use a libname statement to get to the Access DB (see the SAS/Access to PC file formats documentation for that part).

Doc Muhlbaier
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Re: Proc Import Access Table stored on PC (C:\ drive)

I may have missed a point here Doc, but the writer says the file is on his local drive, and imports correctly using SAS locally. This seems to be expected results.

However, using E.G. on his Unix server, it fails. The difference is that the engine is on Unix and not on his local machine, so getting to the file becomes a problem.

Unix reading Windows will need something like Samba to map the environment.

Then the users C drive needs to be shared.

Then Unix needs a path that may be fairly obscure to point to the machine and the share name and pick up the file.

Finally, the Unix server needs to have a license to import PC File Format files, which may also be an issue.

There may be too many hurdles on this steeplechase for anyone but Tech Support to cross.

Kind regards

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