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Proc Freq

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Proc Freq

Hi Team,




I am new to SAS and just wondering meaning of below lines written in one of existing SAS program


proc freq data=strat.master noprint;
table flag * month / list missing out=strat.rep;
table flag2 * month2 / list missing out=strat.rep2;


Can someone please explain me what these lines actually doing ?


Thanks In Advance



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Re: Proc Freq

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Your best bet is to read the manual, it will explain in great detail better than we can what each of the paramters and options do:


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Re: Proc Freq

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A real rough start: PROC says that a SAS procedure is being called. The word following is the name of the procedure, FREQ in this case.

Look in the online help for the procedure name.


Also depending on your install you can select the procedure name and hit F1 and tha will open the help for that statement.

The SAS online help is usually pretty good with examples for many options.

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