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Proc Export - dbms error

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Proc Export - dbms error

Hello, I have a hard time exporting xls(primary) and mdb(secondary) files on our sas server. I have spent many hours trying to understand why. As far as I can determine we have the necessary licenses (SAS ACCESS Interface to PC Files) and I have before we upgraded our office been able to export excel-files using dbms = xls. These are no longer readable and while I'm no expert I suspect there is something fishy with their formatting. They look healthy (and I can still open them at my home-pc using older office-versions) but are not readeble in newer versions of office(+2007).

Since I am the only heavy-sas user that works exclusively in EG the problem is at the moment constricted to me (our base-users have no problem exporting).

Any idea where I should point our sas-admins to look for a solution. Since I suspect one should be able to use proc export even if one is using EG?
(The wizard is unfortunately not an option, other as an emergency-solution)

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