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Problems creating a filter...

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Problems creating a filter...

First of all, Im not really strong in SQL coding, so I try to use Enterprise Guide for everything.

The dataset I'm trying to analyse has four variables: 'quantity', 'transaction id', 'product' and 'store'. I'm asked to find out which products are sold alone, that is with no other products involved in the transaction

As I see it I can disregard the variable quantity, since it doesn't matter whether a transaction consists of 100 or 1, since it is still the same product being sold.I can also disregard 'store' since in this case it's not important where the product is being sold...

So I have filtered out 'transaction id and 'product' and I would like to create a filter, that removes the transactions (transaction id) with more than ONE product included, how can that be done?
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Re: Problems creating a filter...

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I believe you would want to count selected rows, also group by transaction_id and filter when a given transaction involved more than one (counted row).

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