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Problem with local path

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Problem with local path

Hello. I've a little SAS-Problem. I tried to import a local stored file with PROC IMPORT. But the local path 'P:\....\file.csv' always gets interpreted as 'SAS_Server/.../SASReporting/P:\....\file.csv'.
How can i specify that this is an local path and not a path on the SAS-Server?
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Re: Problem with local path

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If the mapped drive "P" does not exist on the server, or if it points to any other server/drive mapping, then you will be disappointed.

Open your Windows explorer, find the mapping that your "P" relates to and use that for the import procedure.

It's all a matter of context: just remember that your context is not always the context of the SAS server. That is unless you are using the local server.
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