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Problem with Stack task

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Problem with Stack task

I am using a Stack Task to generate a report in EG.
Since i Have column sundry code which has 10 occurence in Oracle table,so i have to use Stack task to get it in one task.
I am able to get it in one column when data is there.
But when there is no data in my table the stack task doesnt craete a new column for me and bcoz of that what ever Stored Process i am trying to run it gives an error that this new column is missing.
Any other solution for this.
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Re: Problem with Stack task

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I think this previous posting is still relevant:ᬸ

The Stack Task (PROC TRANSPOSE) is not a reporting procedure. It is meant to create an output data set on which you could then run PROC PRINT or PROC REPORT or PROC TABULATE.

In the previous posting, I recommended that you contact Tech Support. If you are turning this code into a Stored Process, then PROC TRANSPOSE might not be the best solution. If you used a DATA step program, you could control what happened in the "no data" situation. I still think it's a good idea to contact Tech Support, especially since you're working with stored processes as well as PROC TRANSPOSE.

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